lipu tenpo nanpa soweli

*ilo sitelen li ni

sina wile pali e lipu tenpo kepeken ilo sitelen la, sina pali e ni:

o kama jo e lipu tenpo tawa ilo sitelen. o ante e ijo ni:

o pali e lipu lon sinpin tu. sinpin wan la, lipu tu li lon.

toki Inli:

When you want to print the lipu tenpo out, do this:

Download the printer version (“tawa ilo sitelen”) and change these things:

Choose “print on both” sides. Also, on one side there should be two pages (in total 4 pages with the other side of the paper). When you do this, you can easily connect the pages now with a stapler.

toki pi “lipu tenpo nanpa soweli”

lipu tenpo pi sitelen pona li pona mute tawa mi a! tenpo pini lili la, mi wile toki tawa jan pi lipu tenpo e ni: sina ken ala ken kepeken e sitelen pona? ni la, lipu tenpo ni li pona li suwi tawa mi a!
pona tawa sina ale a!

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